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Here's another rare vintage issue of DOUBLE TALK  - The Ventriloquists' Guide newsletter for sale.  May 1938, Vol. 1 No. 7.  Original (not a copy).  14 pages (printed one side).  Someone made a note in small pencil print on cover "Good material" - I agree!  Published by figure maker, Revello Petee.  Some of the articles and features included in this issue:

This-N-That by Richard Haldane.  Several comments made me smile including this one: "Very busy during Easter season.  Oscar, my stooge, blew himself to a new Easter suit.  He looks very spify.  He told me it would be his after two more payments.  The other night he forgot his lines.  He must be getting absent minded - did that ever happen to you?"

Fresh Kid Dialogue by McAthy and Petee.  Full two page comedy dialogue.

A Chat With Ellwood and Ripel (about venues).  "The Vent must be ready at all times to anticipate the entertainment desires of each of his audiences and it is only one who has studied the art in all its branches who can at all times be prepared for any eventuality.  So don't let the boys and girls of ventriloquism fall for the Charlie McCarthy type of vent production to the exclusion of all other types as they will find use for all of them..."

Showmanship Pt. 2 by Revello. 

Keep Your Material Up To Date by Caryl S. Fleming.  "I really believe that a lesser accomplished vent with top notch material can easily walk away from the man who has sacrificed material for technique."

Mouth-Moving Mouthings by "Chucky" Koontz.  "The audience likes to think of your 'splinter' as human, but they also like you to refer to something to show that you know they are not fooled.  (Example: Figure to vent: 'If you want me to open my mouth wider, you need to pull the string a little harder.')  Also, if you ad lib a bit, it helps to make your act more entertaining. "

DUMMY TALK, a humorous comments by a vent figure on some of the vent happenings and gossip of the day.  Example: "'Sue Watt', who is more or less dependent on Dorothy Jenkins for any voice in the matter, wants to know why we don't form a ladies auxiliary for the girl members of the B.V.D.  Sue's brother, 'Gus', says, in his opinion, it is a screwy idea.  'A woman's place is in the suitcase.'"

May 1938
Vol.1 No. 7
The Ventriloquists' Guide

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