VHM report

I received an email from Vent Haven Museum Curator, Jennifer Dawson, with 2011 summary comments concerning activity at the Museum.  And I was especially encouraged to read of the steps taken to make the museum appealing and educational to youth.  Jen wrote,

"We had another great season last year.  We ended up having lots of new visitors as well as repeat visitors to the museum.  I always take it as a good sign when people return and bring their friends.  That tells you when you are doing something right!  I am also very pleased with how many students/children that are coming through the museum.  You all are making ventriloquism relevant again to this age group and it is showing in the amount of kids we see every year.  So, keep doing what you are doing!" 

To learn more about VHM, visit the museum web site: http://www.venthavenmuseum.com/

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