Who made Charlie?


  1. Anonymous12/01/2011

    Wow! That was nice! Thanks for Sharing that Clinton! {AND Mr. Degan!} All the things i've read where Bergen says who made Charlie {including the wonderful 1938 article reprinted in the memorial NAAV issue}, Point to the Macks. Frank Marshall was taught by them, so i see no reason why Marshall wouldn't have been influenced by Macks style. Other Mack heads do look different, But as a woodcarver myself, i can tell you that is VERY normal. In later years, Marshall claimed he made Charlie i guess, but if he really did, why did it take so many years for him to say so?? But Bergen was there at the time, & is the one who had the work done. & if he says Mack made Charlie, then I surely feel that's good enough for me. :)

  2. P. Grecian12/01/2011

    That settles that. Thank you, Clinton.