Squeaky Mouth

Question: My daughter pulled out my old Knee Pal, Trixie, who has been packed,away for awhile.The mouth squeaks a little now. I have never taken the wig off, and am wondering what is the easiest way to fix it? Any advice appreciated.
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From Mr. D: If the mouth squeaks it is likely the axle (or the lever on the headpost).  Use clear silicone spray lubricant.  The aerosol can comes with a long small diameter nozzle.  You can usually insert the nozzle through the open mouth and give a shot of lubricant directly onto the point where the axle enters and goes through the mouth unit.  Tilt the head sideways, give the axle a shot of spray and open and close the mouth repeatedly to encourage the liquid lubricant to run along the axle into the mouth unit.  Do first one side and then repeat on the other side.  (Repeat if necessary.)

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