Reader comment: Clothes for puppets

I just read the post asking about where to buy clothes for vent figures or puppets. The places mentioned, discount retail stores and children's used clothing stores are my favorite resources too. But I also keep an eye out in the local 99 cents stores. This year I found a couple of Christmas items sold as 20 ounce soda bottle covers. They worked perfectly as outfits for a couple of my smaller puppets. Here are Lanolin The Lamb (Lambchop's cousin) and Sandy the Sugar Glider in their holiday apparel. So keep your eye out. You never know where you'll find clothes for your puppets. Merry Christmas and God Bless.
Ron Havens


  1. Goodwill is an excellant resorce for clothes and also is the Salvation Army; careful shopping can land "like new" stuff! I managed a tux for my figure (wears 4T) on ebay for $19

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