Photo Caption Contest

Here are several reader suggested captions for the above photo.

  1.  "Yep! Definitely a chip off the old block!" - Darl Bennett
2. "Yea, but mommy loves me best." - Donald ?
3. "How do you like my new hairdo?" - Doc Lowery
 4. "I didn't say 'skin', I said 'twin!" - Canon John Jordan
3rd place (tie)5."Toupee or not toupee - that is the question." - Tom Basso
 6. "Think of the money we save on shampoo." - Tom Basso
 1st place 7. "I guess Clinton didn't get the memo about wearing plaid today." Cheryl Keene
3rd place (tie) 8. "Will the real Clinton Detweiler please stand up!" - Bob Albano
4th place 9. "Hmmm, I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something familiar about you two." - Bill Matthews
10. "Geez, I thought seeing double was bad enough ..." - John Degel
2nd place 11.  "Three D's in a Pod." - Pearce Columb

THANK YOU to all who participated by voting and/or submitting captions!
CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!

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