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Question:  I purchased a vent doll from you in 1985.  I’ve attached a photo of the doll.  Our home was robbed and the doll was one of the items stolen. 
Are there any identification numbers or marks on your dolls that would help the police to identify the doll?

The doll was stolen sometime between May 2010-July 2010.  We were in the process of moving and didn’t realize until Summer 2011 that the doll was actually stolen and not just “lost in the move”.  It was a very ‘sentimental item’ so even though the time had passed, I contacted the Sheriff to see if he could help me find it.
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From Mr. D:  Your figure was made by Craig Lovik.  It appears to be the character he called "Theodore Bump".  He did sometimes put a label with the name Lovik World on the head post.  But labels can be removed.  The figures he built did not carry individual ID numbers or marks.  If recently stolen we'd advise you and fellow vents to watch eBay, Craig's list, etc. But unfortunately, after so much time has passed, I fear chances of recovery are slim although miracles do happen and I pray that might be the case in this instance. 

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  1. Anonymous12/11/2011

    I had a Lovik figure years ago, {"Hank" in the catalog} & the only markings i saw at all was a name inside the head, that i saw part of through the mouth opening, but i never had the head opened to see if there was more, but nothing was anywhere else on the head, post, body, etc.. Sure hope this little fella finds his way home :(