Antique Store Treasures

From Bob Abdou
I wanted to show you my Patrick Justian dummy.  I found him with a suitcase marked Patrick Justian at an antique store in Pennsylvania.   Besides having the name Patrick Justian on the suitcase that the dummy was in, inside the body of the old man/cowboy is a dog tag (metal plate) with the name Patrick Justian embossed on it, so that's proof this is one of his creations.  He is the old cowboy sitting on the horse in the bottom right corner.  I call him Sheriff Ribeye, we perform the act with him on the horse.

I added the horse, cowboy clothes, hat, white hair and beard to him to give him a Texan look.  I'll keep him the same now that I live in Ohio.  Basically he was an old man with one tooth, and big blue eyes.  He is built well and has smooth mechanisms.  The eyes also move side/side.

I was hoping to find a McElroy each time I go to an antique store but found this one instead, less money and just as rare.

Another side note: 3 other dummy's in this photo were found at antique stores:
1)  The pale faced dummy in the left bottom corner - it is British, paper mache, and filled with straw, and only one eye winks.
2) The brown skinned dummy, 2nd on left top, excellent condition.
3) The red haired one, 4th on top middle, a Turner figure with spitter and original spat shoes.
in this photo are 4 dummies found at antique stores, so they're out there, you just have to sift through all the dust and boxes.

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  1. Anonymous12/12/2011

    Great finds Bob! I've gone to antique stores, flea markets, etc. Here in upstate n.y. for YEARS!!! I always check every nook & cranny. I'm one of those oddballs who thinks, if i'm looking for, let's say, a record, that i have to look at ALL the records, not thumb thru ten at a time & say "nope, they don't have it" like a LOT of others do! BUT, the best figure i ever saw in all this time was a jerry mahoney. No BIG finds in all these 30 years vent figure wise. Maybe this is a dead area for them. Great collection! :)