Meet John and Stanley

From my hands ...

.... to your hands!

Meet aspiring ventriloquist, John Cassidy, with his new pal, "Stanley" (right).

One of the things that most pleases me in this business is seeing enthusiastic youth take up the art.  And that describes this young man perfectly.


  1. John Cassity11/05/2011

    Thank you Clinton for posting this! I really love Stanley! I've been practicing with him for many hours a day what I like to do is watch tv and have him talk about what he's seeing like a real person would do thanks- John

  2. Anonymous11/05/2011

    You are so right Clinton! That's been one of my very favorite things at the few conVENTions i've gone to, is the junior open mic, & watching their excitement & enthusiasm. Takes me back a few years. SEVERAL 'few" actually. LOL!

  3. bob steininger11/05/2011

    john that is great what you and stanley is doing dont give up a lot of hard work and time and practice will reward you and stanley good luck and god bless

  4. Anonymous11/05/2011

    Great work John,and Stanley. These puppets look almost real. As i heard,it is hard work,By the way,i just tried to talk without my lips moving,not easy,but i am going to practice on it. God's gift is you and Stanley.