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The head of this 30"  doll is a vintage composition head from the late '40s (perhaps earlier).  I restored and repainted the head.  While not restored as original, it is a very nice display figure, fully operational.

This doll is unique in that I added a headstick to the doll, with lever control for mouth open & close.  Head turns, tilts, and nods.  The hollow body is fully lined.  Hands are modern molded vinyl, painted to match the finish of the head.  Tux and hat are brand new, taken from one of the current Goldberger Charlie dolls. 

This beautiful one-of-a-kind figure is listed now for sale on eBay auction where you will find several other photos including one of the headpost w/lever and one of the undressed body.  I have one only - don't let it get away.

NOTE:  I've deleted the name "Charlie McCarthy from the above for the following reason.   I'm certainly no expert on vintage ventriloquist dolls, but I've been told by an expert that this head was not a licensed Charlie head.  It is more likely one of the Charlie look-alikes produced by K&S.  (I cannot double check any markings on the back of the neck as they were obliterated during the restoration process of sandings and fillings.)  I can tell you that when it was sold new, it was sold with monocle and tux so the restoration appearance here is quite accurate.  While it could be rightfully called a Charlie "tribute" doll, and has been restored to appear as the original doll, I was in error to call it "Charlie McCarthy" - my apologies.   Let me just say, "it is what it is" and I fully guarantee all my auctions and will refund buyer's payment if unsatisfied in any way. 

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