Shop Talk

From Russell Baker: I purchased "Festus" from Maher Studios at a time of true emergency over 15 years ago. I was scheduled to entertain at a Fun Fair. About 10 days before the event, some youths vandalized, beyond repair, the vent figure I had. I had a Maher catalog and ordered Festus (below). I received him in just 3 days - plenty of time to get a new routine for a new character! I have always been grateful for Maher's great service! Since then, Festus has been important in doing nursing home ministry, AWANA, Banquets, parties and Fun Fairs.
* * * * *
From Mr. D: Festus visited my shop last week for a repair of his mouth string. He's now on his way home, not only with his mouth operating properly, but also sporting new moving eyes and classy wig (above). There's a new sparkle in his eyes that I trust will be reflected in Russell's eyes as well.

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