Relative value

From Greg Claassen: I'm in the process of restoring my first "professional" vent figure, "Jess Malarkey." I haven't used him in years but he was made by Craig Lovik (I think) and sold through Maher Studios in the 1970's. In the catalog he was called "Buford Buckworth".

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From Mr. D: Yes, Buford was one of the "Talkalot" series of figures by Lovik. I was able to locate a 1973 Newsy Vents where that series of figures was first advertised (see below). $175.00 was a sizable investment in those days, but restored he'd bring several times that amount today. Of course, with him being your first figure (and a member of your family) I suspect his value to you today is - priceless!

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