(Animated Puppet upgrades)

You'll likely recognize these two - Simon Sez on the left and Jerry Mahoney on the right. The upgrades are not mine, however. They are being done by our son, Kevin, and no one does finer work. He sent them to me only for repainting (at least I'm still good for something - ha). Kevin, who lives in Missouri, and his team perform doll upgrades by the hundreds each year, so if you have a doll of need of such work, or know someone who does, contact Kevin Detweiler: animatedpuppets@charter.net

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  1. Anonymous9/08/2011

    Simon Sez was my first figure with a headstick. I always have thought that for a toy, that was a great figure, with a even greater look! & Kevin has done a WONDERFUL job at KEEPING that look, even while installing moving eyes. Great paint job too Clinton. Bill Smith