Preparing for Asia trip

Bob Walsh sent me a link to his latest ventriloquist video using two dummies in an interview with TV48 host. Bob Batcher. These two figures (Grandpa and Mahoney) will be going to Hong Kong and China with Deputy Bob in a few weeks.

There, they will be doing character, safety and faith shows in Asia. They will work with Hong Kong Youth For Christ, and local schools in Yunan Province, Sichuan Province and Beijing. I have to admit that it is exciting for me, here at home in Colorado, to see "my boys" preparing to make their impact on the other side of the world! Thank you, Bob!

You can see the aforementioned video here: http://youtu.be/xGDXidWTgpg


  1. bob steininger9/25/2011

    deputy bob grandpa and mahoney job well done good luck to all three of you on your travels

  2. Anonymous9/26/2011

    which ones bob? great look a like contest!