Felled by distant relative

From Cindy Maluschka

Since I wasn't using my professional doll when I was in college, I gave "Dennis" to a friend to take to Peru to be a missionary. He taught 2nd grade children for many years. When she came back from Peru, and without checking with me, she gave him to someone in her Mississippi home church who was interested in continuing with him.

When I recently got the ventriloquism "bug" again, I called the lady I had given him to and learned Dennis had found the second loving home. She called to see if he was being used, in hopes that he might be returned to me, That is when we were both saddened to hear that their house had been heavily damaged by hurricane Katrina. A tree had fallen upon and into the house, landing directly on Dennis! It was a little "poetic" but it felt like a true friend had been lost.
* * * * *
Note from Mr. D: I am communicating with Cindy about possible options for replacing Dennis,
the first vent figure I am aware of that was destroyed by a falling tree!

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