Lester's roots

Last week I received a couple inquiries as to who made Willie Tyler's Lester. Seems there are several speculations.

Lester was made by Madeleine Maher with mechanics installed by her mechanic, George Eazer. I don't know the exact year Lester was made, but it was before we purchased the business from Mrs. Maher in 1969. She actually built two Lester figures for Willie, one to be used as an emergency backup.

In 1972 (or '73) I built an extra body for Lester. But the Lester I've seen Willie use more recently has hands made by someone other than Mrs. Maher or myself. (Which is an example of why I always tell people to use reservation and caution when trying to identify the maker of a figure by its hands.)

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  1. Anonymous9/28/2011

    I asked a similar question on the World Vents board, and Alan Semok mentioned that Joel Leder had made Mr. Tyler a fiberglass version of Lester. Perhaps that's that's the one with the moving arms (?).