Florida Vent Get-together

From M. A. Denny Denemark

All the central Florida vents got together last Sunday at a meeting hosted by Ed Thomas at his lovely home with special guest, Jim Teter (photo), who dusted off a few of his presidential figures for his lecture. Also had performances by Mike Palma, Donald Woodford, and Tom Dahl. A very inspiring day. Jim Teter was awesome.


  1. Yes, it was just a house full of great talent and FUN!!! These meetings are very inspiring and a nice way to keep the art of ventriloquism alive! As always, it was great seeing Denny and the rest of the CFVA family!!

  2. The presidential figures are quite nice and very good likeness of the former presidents. It would be a great act if you could copy the voices as well. They look great.

  3. Anonymous9/28/2011

    I haven't heard of Teter and McDonald for years! Does anyone know whatever happened to McDonald?

  4. Anonymous10/13/2011

    If M.A. made sure that he matched the face colors with the hand colors on the bodies then........George and Bill could share the same body but Richard shouldn't share his body with Bill or George.........and Bill or George should never share their body with Richard!! Not sure what I mean.....take a closer look at the photo.