Deputy Bob Wlash update

Deputy Bob and Friends have started their 15th school year 2011-2012. They have been asked to do a city slice segment for Norfolk TV48 about pedestrian safety tips for school kids. Then , soon, they will be going to Asia for three weeks to do ventriloquist shows in Chongquing (Sichuan) at Seeds of Hope School, Beijing School, and back to Hong Kong working with Youth For Christ and local schools. While in Hong Kong Bob will be interviewed by a professor from a Christian University for an article to be published in the Christian Times.

Bob will not be going to Asia alone though. Grandpa (a Craig Lovik knee pal figure purchased from Maher 10 years ago) and Mahoney (a 52 year old restored Jerry Mahoney figure by Clinton Detweiler) will be accompanying Master Deputy Bob Walsh. Upon Bob's return to Virginia, all 5 of his figures will be able to include Asia on the performing resume. Ventriloquism is rare in Asia so he hopes to drum up more interest in the art form by going there again. This will be Bob's 3rd Asia tour. Bob has a free video channel at www.Youtube.com/deputybobj479 for interested viewers.

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