Day 13

From the front cover of Maher Messenger, Issue No. 14 1995:

"Jeff Dunham, Peanut, and Judge Ito (the dummy - see photo) are on tour and have been featured on the syndicated newsmagazine show, 'Extra', as well as 'E!' network's 'The O. J Wrap Up' hosted by Kathleen Sullivan. It took Jeff three afternoons to make 'Judge Ito' from one of our converted Charlie McCarthy dolls, and the Judge is now Peanut's dummy. (Peanut says he was going to make a Kato dummy, but that would have been redundant!)"

Today's set of 1995 M/M's plus a 1995 copy of the Maher Studios Catalog goes to Scott Bryte.


  1. Anonymous8/29/2011

    Remember when he used to wear a suit & tie??!! I met him, before he even did his first tonight show {was still doing clubs & colleges - not famous yet} at the Senor Wences testimonial luncheon in N.J. hosted by Al Getler. Here's an interesting tid bit for your readers: At one point, before Jeff's performance there, Al, with Jeff in tow, approached me saying he found out i was the only one at the event who had booked a room, & asked if i'd mind if Jeff changed his clothes there. I said "sure". So, i can honestly tell you, that i know, first hand, that Jeff Dunham puts his pants on one leg at a time like everyone else! LOL! Bill Smith

  2. Anonymous8/29/2011

    By the way, That was in 1989. Bill Smith