Getting closer!

This will be the final figure
from my #500 series.
It's been an enjoyable
"throwback" experience!
See completed figure with

price here:


  1. Awesome!
    Dr. Jeff Scott

  2. Anonymous7/21/2011

    A beautiful figure. A terrific looking dummy.
    Geoffrey, Australia.

  3. Did you use any modern plastic wood products on this head? If so, what did you use?

    BTW, I just opened an envelope that I misplaced several months ago and found two of your vent dollars. Thanks!

  4. Mr. D.7/22/2011

    I used Plastic Wood on this yes, but it is Plastic Wood I have had in stock for over 25 years! In fact, I used some on two other figures just today. It does dry out but all a person has to do is add acetone. I do not know how the modern wood filler products are to work with. Some day I'll likely have to find out, but for now I'm working from supplies on hand.