"Professional" models?

Question: I am interested in your African American vent figure. Are these professional models? I don't want one with the string out the back of the neck. I want a professional vent figure. How many inches are they? Geraldine

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From Mr. D: This is a 34" figure with all controls mounted on the head post inside the hollow body. But keep in mind that SIZE does not make a figure professional - if you have watched America's top vents today, you'll notice many of the figures and puppets they use are smaller than 40".

Incidentally, I'm building this same character now for another customer, but with the request that it be made with less of a smile on the face. This should be interesting...


  1. Anonymous6/06/2011

    Now THERE'S a fine how dee doo!LOL! {I know YOU'LL get that joke Clinton, but not sure of any one else getting it} Put on yer ol' thinkin' cap partners, an' scratch yer head a bit!

  2. Anonymous6/06/2011

    Sooo, they wanted YOU not to smile so much while making it? You always hve a big grin on your face in workshop photos, but I never thought how it might affect the finished figure....

  3. Well Howdy always smiled no matter what shade he was. I would love to see the finished figure after you take the smile off his face. LOL