All in good time

Here's the final head of my "big eyed" #500 series of figures. Click Here to see completed characters from this 1980's series.

The fellow pictured here was never completed because I lost the back to it's head and never wanted to take the time to rebuild it. And the head was not perfectly perpendicular with the neck. So, it lay unfinished in my shop bin for nearly 3 decades. ... until now. I've been working on him off and on and now have corrected the two aforementioned problems (photo right) and have him well on his way to completion...maybe the longest birth labor on record!


  1. These are very expressive figures. I always like when I see them. As some say, "the eyes have it," meaning that vent figures with larger eyes really seem to connect with audiences.

    Keep on working Clinton-- good things take a little more time to prepare!

    Dr. Jeff Scott
    Senior Pastor, Northside Baptist
    Mechanicsville, VA

  2. The eyes are more vertical than horizontal and it gives a great cartoonish look. Steve Taylor's Rudy O'Riley is one of these great figures.

  3. These are really interesting characters. I really need to get back into vent as I have been doing a lot of solo acoustic guitar these days. Also thanks for the coins