NAAV Carved Logo

It was early 1970's when Dave Miller commissioned an Oregon wood carver to carve this large Mahogoney likeness of what was at that time the current NAAV logo. (This is the same logo that is engraved on the reverse side of the TWO CENT coins which most of you reading this now own. If you do not have one of these TWO CENT ventriloquist collector coins, just let me know - I'll send you a couple - Free!).

This NAAV carving was displayed above our fireplace mantel in the Maher Studios office for many years, but today I will pack it, and ship it back to Dave Miller, my token gift of appreciation to him for his four decades of artistic genius and service provided on behalf of both the NAAV and Maher Studios!

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  1. Anonymous6/30/2011

    very nice gesture..........