Finished and For Sale Now!

You've watched some of this fellow's progress on this blog - now he's completed and it's time for his "adoption!" While this Lovik figure is not new, it has never been used and is fully reconditioned and comes with a new warranty. The head turns smoothly and quietly as a result of its newly installed ball/socket neck (leather lined neck opening - see auction photos). Hardwood control levers make the manipulation of the side-to-side moving eyes and RAISING EYEBROWS (which I added just last week!) simple and easy. 39 inches tall full size figure, dressed as pictured. Lightweight for ease of handling. Head and hands made of durable rigid latex. Head newly painted. Comes with ventriloquist instruction book, full two year new figure warranty, and certificate of authenticity.


  1. Anonymous6/29/2011

    I so appreciate your craftsmanship and skill in bringing character to these objects we bring to
    I am so glad Kevin has trained under your hand and craftsmen like you will continue to supply the art.
    Three cheers for the Maher Studios Men and Lady who put into our hands quality and economy. Be certain the message from the mouth of your vent figure is worthy of sharing.

  2. What a beautiful hands this figure has!