Mother Goose takes flight (again)

Today, the day after Mother's Day, it seems appropriate that this "mother" begin the next leg of her journey across the Pacific.

This large Goose ventriloquist puppet is part of the late Marilyn M. Roques puppet collection that has been donated in her honor by her family to the ministry of Darrell and Sandy Blatchley. After waiting several months we now have a courier to transport the collection, so I packed up the lot of them to be shipped to Indiana, and from that location, with passports in hand (and under wing) they'll take flight toward their final destination - the Philippines.

Mother Goose is a nicely hand crafted puppet. Her creator is unknown, although as I worked with her just prior to placing her in the shipping crate, I had to wonder if she was the creative work of Bev Cipperly. Whatever her source, I know she'll adapt easily to Blatchley's Family Circus Ministry.

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