John D. Magician and Little Bird

Several weeks ago I announced I was looking for a new home for my "mini-big bird" (oxymoron intended) ventriloquist figure. Success! He's flown North and now nests permanently with John Degel of The Montana Magic & Ventriloquy Co.

John sent me this note: "Little Bird is already a big success with kindergartners and first graders. 2nd graders start to lose interest and 3rd graders shy off. He's popular with adults though - especially baby boomers who remember Sesame Street."

Connecting with the tiny tots would be expected, but who would have guessed this would be a puppet for adults as well? Excellent! And I have to tell you, I feel much better knowing this puppet is no longer in the storeroom, but out working, putting smiles on the faces of people of any age - including myself! Thank you, John.


  1. I like the way John thinks and I have never met him, he realizes that not all puppets work for all audiences. this is a smart move. Use what makes one successful, being all things to all people isn't the right road to take and I am glad to see I am not the only one who thinks that way. Kuddos to John!!

  2. Anonymous5/13/2011

    Seeing these two birds, mini Big Bird and Mother Goose just below, I was just wondering if they come with recipes? Duck soup, anyone? Just kidding! Sometimes, I just can't help myself.
    These two look like fun puppets. They quack me up!
    Regards, Joe "Capt. Joe" Radle </:o)