Two Cent Update

Here, for your enjoyment, and in random order, are a few more of the creative slogans that were submitted in my Two-Cent Coin slogan contest:
"Two 'cents' for the price of one" Barb Gregerson

"Vent Cents ... twice the fun" Kirk Rabe

"A penny for each of your thoughts" Steve at the Dummy Shoppe & Jim Mauer

"Ventriloquism - Talk to the power of 2" Tom Farrell

"Vent cent - It's worth twice as much" Kenny Croes

"I'm a Ventriloquist, 'So To Speak'" Dan Leighly

"Too much to say; two mouths to say it" Scott Bryte

"Put your money where my mouth is" John Degel

"Ventriloquism - you'll just flip over it" Kevin Detweiler

"Here's my two cents for your nonsense" Joshua Minetree

(To be continued)

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