April 11, 2011

It's the eleventh day of the month -

time to award seven more of my

7/11 $7 Collector Coins.

The winners, via today's prize drawings, are:

Kenny Warren, Dan Schworn,

Mark Truman, Roy Langer, Johnnie Kelley,

Carol Jordan, and Dan Lee.



  1. Congradulations winners,
    this is a very nice item, I bought one in January, It is really cool and will only be worth more as it ages, I put mine along with the paper of Authentisity in a Frame and put it in my Ventriloquist room, ( My office ) Well worth claiming, I hope all of you see your name, Thanks Mr. D. for beimng so generous to so many, The Duff Family,

  2. The best to all the winners...and remember if you weren't chosen, its only because there were too many names in the hat