Retro Figure update

Well, he's almost complete - this Maher "retro-figure". He was delayed a bit when, following the suggestion of a blog reader, I took the time to make up eyes of the same type Fred and Madeleine were using during the early years of Maher Studios.

Black marbles are inserted into wooden beads to create the black slightly raised pupil with its unique sparkle and character charm that cannot be duplicated in any other manner. Now that I've worked with this one for several days, I've fallen in love with these characters all over again.

This figure has side to side moving eyes and raising eyebrows. When completed (this weekend is the plan) it will be approximately 36" tall. $495.00. (Photos of the completed figure to follow.)


  1. P. Grecian4/15/2011

    I'd read about the black marble technique but had never really seen it this close up. It IS a nice effect. Thanks for sharing with us, Clinton, yet again!

  2. He's bloody adorable ànd bloody-minded.