Photo Caption Entries

I'll announce the winner of the Photo Caption Contest tomorrow, but here are several "honorable mention" entries out of the nearly 100 entries I received. In random order:

"In my house, I'm in control." Walter van der Hoven

"Now where did that dummy go?" Lila Shaw

"Look Ma. No cavities!" Tom Basso

"Me and my BIG MOUTH!" Mike Palma & David Boian0

"Sigh ... another give away. Me and my big mouth." James Hess

"People always said I talked for two." Joshua Minetree

"Speak for yourself!" Abhijeet Deshpande

"Now who's the dummy?" Ronald G. Arnold, Jr.

"Who was that masked man?" Tom Farrell

"Who's the dummy now?" Rolan Corley

"I always wondered what it was like on the other side!" Ron Butcher

My sincere thanks to all who took the time to enter - you're the best! Winner to be announced tomorrow.

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