Sean the Leprechaun: "a rare thing"

From Canon John Jordan

Sean the Leprechaun arrived safe and sound this morning. As with his predecessor, he was chattering before I could get him out of his shipping box at the receptionist's desk. To say that I am pleased and delighted would be a vast understatement. Again, I had an "instant hit" in my hand.

You will be pleased, I am sure as I was, when I tell you of a short inter-change that took place shortly after the small crowd gathered in the foyer. One of the lady residents came close and said, "Hello little fellow, you're cute." Sean replied. "Hello, Martha, you're kinda cute yourself." She looked at her friend beside her and asked, "How come he knows my name?"

I guess that's the kind of response we all work hard to evoke, but with Sean's help, less than two or three minutes after his arrival, he was hard at work entertaining. I found that in the short time I had him in the dining room, the table audiences provided the other side of the conversation, and I didn't have to worry about "going cold" without a script.

Anything I could say would fall short of the success he has brought already. Every ventriloquist should have a "Sean" in their kit this time of the year. He's one of those rare things that repay us far beyond anything involved in bringing him here. I can't thank you enough!

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