If you have not read Jeff's book, All By My Selves, I highly recommend that you do so. Not only enlightening and entertaining, but Jeff's personal stories (and pictures) are reminders once again of the importance of focus and goal setting play in building a successful career. Well written, I found the book hard to put down, and when I turned the final page next day after first opening the book, I'll admit I felt inspired to kick things up a notch myself! Thank you, Jeff!
* * * *
And now, also thanks to Jeff, I have a few prizes to award via today's drawings.
Talking Walter Backpack Clip goes to: Kenneth Fulk

Talking Walter Pens: Geoffrey Moran, Mark Edson, Larry Columbo

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  1. Anonymous3/09/2011

    I received Jeff's book as a valentine gift from my husband - plus flowers. I, too, was touched and inspired while reading it. My husband has also read it and we have had several interesting conversations about it. Just adds another level to my appreciation of his shows.