"Hinged Hips"

I built the base of this figure's body with a hinged portion onto which the legs were attached. When placed in the sitting position, the legs extend from the very front of the torso in a natural sitting position. But when held upright, the legs automatically swing straight down in a very natural standing position. It's all about appearance.


  1. Philip Grecian3/05/2011

    Well, that's an intriguing notion. Trying to figure out what the trousers would do.

  2. Trousers flow with the legs - very naturally.

  3. Hi Mr. D.
    Very Cleaver, I was wondering if you created that idea, , or did you improve on it in any way to make it work better, Great Idea, Either way, very clever, I wanted to know if you would mind if I tried that on the first real Ventriloqiust stick figure I make? I was thinking Do you put a strip of felt across the front edge, it will prevent the legs from getting stuck in the fabric, and possibly less wear on the inside of the pants, Never the less a genious of an idea. Thanks William C. Duff Family,

  4. Feel free to use and improve this idea...

  5. Hi Mr. D.
    Thank you I will. I hope others follow your lead, thanks for the tip. and the Blog filled with fantastic information. The Duff Family 12