Bargain Puppets

On occasion I have spotted puppets for sale in our local thrift stores. But Jack Dill (aka Mr. Gadget) has taken me one better. The lady operating the thrift store near where Jack lives saves all puppets for him to see first. As a result, he has obtained puppets to pass on to children when he does birthday parties. He has also obtained puppets for his own use, including the weekly service he presents every Sunday in a Senior Care Home.

Folkmanis puppets will likely be the most common finds, and a toy ventriloquist doll will be found from time to time, usually with a mouth that doesn't work properly. Years ago we had a customer stop by Maher Studios to show us a Frank Marshall figure purchased from a thrift store for $35! Now THAT is a bargain (more accurately, perhaps, a steal!).

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  1. That sounds like a great idea, sometimes I find puppets and have cleaned them up, fixed them if needed and gave them to children, and even adults, I never ever found a real Ventriloquist Figure, that would be really cool, I never had one my self growing up, I had the pull string thing, closes I have is a Bozo, Head, mouth, Stick figure, I bought and compleatly cleaned and restored, wish it had better features. Great ideas and service, Keep it going! Thanks, The Duff Family,