Another yellow bird (or two)

There may be some truth to the rumor - if you hang around with yellow birds enough, you start looking like one yourself!

This picture is from 198? when I was emcee of the evening show, FCM Conference, Winona Lake, Indiana. I still have the bird...(he's not for sale. I still have the jacket...couldn't give it away.)

The box? I built it to represent a large gift, and while I don't recall the exact application, I do remember that when I lifted the lid the sides were spring loaded so it automatically unfolded into an impressive 4' x 3' cross spelling out the words "God's Love", (the greatest gift).

We must have made our point that night. I remember when we returned to our dealer table after the night show, every similar bird puppet I had brought to sell had been claimed by someone. My dealer table was surrounded by people holding their puppets, waiting to pay for them. Quite a sight!

Note: The puppet was custom made by Carol Brown who long ago retired from puppet making.


  1. Philip Grecian3/24/2011

    As to the coat...yeah, I've got one (not THAT color...you're a braver man than I) that I wore onstage with wide velvet lapels... and a shirt almost exactly like the one you're wearing. On Halloween I hang them in the window to scare vandals.
    We were absolutely certain back i the day that we were stylish in such outfits, weren't we? Makes me wonder how what we wear these days will be looked upon a few decades hence!

  2. I had a powder blue jacket with black lapels, that was really something back in the day. My wife put it in a clothing drive some time ago, I can't picture where it might have ended up. Scary thought.

  3. Hi Mr. D. I was wondering if there is a Ventriloquist Hall of Fame Museum, Or is that a bad idea? Also If so your Jacket maybe the bird should be in it, Actually, I agree with the last comment, I agree, your very brave wearing that color on stage, wears well with the Bird and the Banana Act you used to do. Do you have either on video, that you can share, or of other acts, I would really like to see one, Thanks,
    The Duff 12

  4. I forgot, the Box Idea, is a strong message, I hope you don't mind if I try to duplicate the box, do you have any other pictures of the box, or the cross, and or the plans? Thanks, Bill,

  5. Janice Watson3/24/2011

    I used the "Gift" box before. It's an Easter story for kids. Using the letters on the side we get them to guess what might be in the box. When the lid comes off... it's God's Son the best gift of all etc...

  6. Bill: There's a Hall of Fame (of sorts) at Vent Haven Museum. I hope you have been able to visit the Museum. If not, I would highly recommend you plan to attend the ConVention some year and take in the Museum tour.

  7. A box has six sides, so it is pretty easy to see how it could be made to open into a cross. You're welcome to the idea. It's not original with me. I'm guessing I got it from one of Arnold Westphal's books and adapted it for my own use. I don't know if I have any plans, but I'll look around...

  8. I got it now, by your discription and the lovely Janice Watson's comments, Thank you both for the greatist gift idea, Gods Son, I can figure out the idea, I hope others will pick up on it and use it too, I don't think, at least I pray it will never grow out of stile.
    Enjoy, The Duff Family 12

  9. Anonymous4/04/2011

    This is perhaps a late comment on this post but I think a showman, and a ventriloquist is certainly a showman, or show person, should dress in an eye catching way and even be classy if you will. Some of the greats did just this, including, but not limited to, Edgar Bergen and his famous side kick, Charlie. Even Mortimer was dressed in a classy manner and I have seen several videos of others that bring to the stage not only an entertaining act but one that has class. I find no fault with the yellow bird photo and the classy jacket that you are wearing, Clinton. If I may continue, I think that some folks have lost that idea of showmanship. It is like going to church to worship in shorts and sandals. I know, you're there, but what ever happened to the idea of wearing your Sunday Best!? I think we have really gotten much too casual in our dress codes lately and a performer should show respect for the audience by having a few nice outfits at least as attractive as ones you would wear to a dinner date, A orchestral concert, or other important event. Call me old fashioned, but I always dress for a performance. And that's my two cents worth!
    Regards to all, Joe "Capt. Joe" Radle