Turning back the clock

The ventriloquist in photo at right is Howard (Howie) Olson. The date of the photo is unknown although it was likely mid-1930s. I believe the lady is Howie's first wife, Leona.
The top photo was taken even earlier. Howie is pictured (far right) with a group of friends. I don't know if the girl standing in front of Howie, holding his vent figure is his girlfriend? Or just a friend.
By the time I met Howie he was nearing the retirement phase of his career so it's a treat to get a glimpse of the early years. My thanks to Karin Olson for sending these rare photos of her "Uncle Howie".


  1. Wow, What a pleasure to see these rair and unique photos of Howie, ( one of my Mentors)and his Friends. A very Fun, interesting and Hard working and creative Ventriloquist.
    I wish I could have meet him in person, Does any one have any videos that they could attach to this page. I am sure Mr. D. wouldn't mind posting the link. I would love to see some. I wish I would have been able to buy the Vent, Figure you had for sale that he made. But I am pleased that my friend, Admoror and Mentor has it in his collection, that he will be able to share with many others. Good Luck all of my Ventriloquist Friends. I am working on an act or twl that if any luck will some day be considered a unique and interesting yet commical use of the Ventriloquist works. I hope I will make Howie, You, and all of my Ventriloquist Friends Luck. Bill Duff

  2. Anonymous2/25/2011

    I am so glad i got to meet him at the 1990 convention. I have a photo of us, & he signed my convention flyer "To Bill Smith. The voice master. Keep throwing it, Howie Olson". Such a nice man! :)