Custom Carrying Cases for Figures

Several readers have asked if I will again be selling Custom Carrying Cases this Spring. The answer is, "yes", I do plan to do so and have placed the order for my new supply. But until I receive them, I will not know the exact final price. (I do not expect prices to change significantly, however.)

So, if you think you might be interested in purchasing a case for your vent figure this Spring, drop me a note and I will send you complete details, including prices, just as soon as I have such available. mahertalk@aol.com


  1. P. Grecian2/25/2011

    I need at least two. Maybe more. I sent you an email, but I got a message back that an error was made in the sending. Wanted to make sure you got it.
    I've been waiting for you to make this announcement!

  2. Click here for the carring case info: