Doll Lock-jaw

Question: February 26, 2009 I performed a Show and while I was performing Danny's mouth would stuck. Recently I was supposed to perform a show but I didn't get to. While I was working with Danny on Friday night to make sure that everything was going to go well for my show, I kept noticing that when I keep moving his mouth it would get stuck again. What do I need to do to prevent from his mouth sticking again?
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Answer: A lot of folks who received or gave ventriloquist dolls for Christmas are probably asking this same question about now. Well, the first thing you need to do is determine where the is sticking. I assume it is getting stuck in the open position?

First thing to check is the lever. Make certain it is not too tight. This is unlikely, but needs to be checked.

The next place I would check would be the sides of the mouth. Especially along the lower portion of the slot. Is the mouth unit coming against the cheek side of the mouth? If so, insert a metal finger nail file into the slot and file (in and out) at the area where the sides are too tight.

This will likely cure the situation. If not, let me know.

P.S. And practice with your Danny frequently. Ventriloquist dolls, figures, and dummies are less likely to have such problems if they are used frequently. It sounds like yours has been unused for quite a period of time. Not good for it or yourself.


  1. Clinton I too have found that the mouth sticks and I agree with you that its from lack of use, I find I am using chipper less due to the use of my soft puppets more, and I know that this is no excuse, but that is exactly what happens. I tried to use a metal file on mouth but its not working whats next? N Jay

  2. If the file did not help, the problem may be somewhere other than the sides of the mouth. You always have to discover the point of the friction and then decide how best to eliminate it. If all else fails, I'll be happy to fix it for you.