New Life

Christmas is all about new birth and new life. The Christ of Christmas came into our world for the sole purpose of giving all people the gift of "new life and life eternal." Like any gift, however, it must be accepted and that's your choice and mine to make.
Thanks to his owner's choice, this small Jerry Mahoney is experiencing the gift of a new life of sorts this Christmas. When Steve Thrash sent Jerry to me last month, it appeared the vintage doll's life was pretty much over. But after some considerable TLC (he now has hollow body with head on post, too) he was able to exit my shop this week, prepared for an extended period of service, providing joy to all he meets and greets. A perfect gift for any season of the year, but certainly appropriate this weekend. (Somewhere there's a Howdy Doody hoping for the gift of a new set of clothes!)


  1. Another Great Job Me. D.
    I really enjoy and appreciate the work and Dedication you take to the craft, Congradulations on so many successes, Good Luck for the Future year and many to come for you and your Family.
    I am interested in The Howdy Dooty, Costume, Just been a bit short on funds, Would love to order it in January if you still have them.
    Thanks and Happy Holidays, God Bless Everyone!Bill

  2. James Tucker12/26/2010

    very nice job as always! James

  3. Hi Mr. D,
    If I was Going to Put a Caption to the top Picture, I would say, "Help Me, I have Fallen and I can't Get Up!" Then the Second Photo, "With a lot of Help from my Friend," third Photo, "I am restored again, and able to be part of the betterment of Society,. Thanks, My Friend Mr. Detweiler" Happy New Years to all,
    The Duff Family,