Figure by Howard M. "Howie" Olson

This is a like new, never used figure build by Howard M. Olson. Built in the late '70s, as I recall, but I'm unsure of the exact year. Originally it had a very large torso making it a 42" figure, but I built a new torso for it and shortened the legs just slightly making it a much more manageable 38" figure. It has the standard head and mouth movements, plus side to side moving eyes, winker/blinkers. flapping ears, and raising eyebrows (although the movement of the brows is minimal). Head mouth and feet are built in the usual Olson manner of a material Howie called "Permatone" and described as "like-wood".
(Note: This figure has now been sold. My thanks to all who inquired about it.)


  1. What a Delightful character,
    I bet my son would be in heaven with this figure, I just wish He was here, My son I mean. I don't want to insult you with a low bid,
    But I can't afford such a nice item as that. But can I open the Bid with $100.00 Maybe that will inspire others to bid on it and you will get what you eventually want for it.
    Good Luck with selling this unique and interesting young man, Thanks, Bill

  2. We were talking about the personality of Figures and how they should be of a good Soul, My son wanted me to make him a Wooody sheriff figure,One who would stand up for Justice and Honor and Respect, as well as The Constitution for all Americans, with a reigious theme of Respect to others, I had bought a large 3T Sheriffs outfit, Spotted Cow, Chapps, Vest, and Hat with badge, If I was going to buy him, I would dress it over the outfit you already have on him, then travel to areas and talk about corruption in your own naborhoods and how as People we need to clean up out own Towns, Counties ands state, in order to make a more Perfict Union. Also bringing attention to Child abuse and other forms of Neglect, I could also dress him as Howdy Doody, with the outfit you sent. if I decited, he could almost Doyuble for him as well. I hope whom ever does buy this figure, will do something that will be productive for there coomunity, Goood Luck to whom ever buys this interesting Figure. Thanks, The Duff Family.