Labial Issues

Problem: I'm having some issues with some words and I'm in the process of making a list to practice. I think I'm doing well with the labials when they are at the beginning of a word but, when they come in the middle of a word, for example "River", it takes on a whole new challenge. On the same topic when a word has a labial at the end followed by an "S", unintended words can fly out of my face. I'm thinking of using a puppet requiring slower speech, such as a turtle, thinking that might make it easier. Any help would be appreciated.
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Remedy possibilities: Labials can be a trial - some more than others. And positioning in words does make a difference. Repetition is the secret, actually. Practice using the troublesome word in a sentence. Sometimes that makes a difference. Also experiment by forming the labial in a different manner, tip of the tongue for instance, instead of middle of the tongue,etc. Or vice versa. Add breath/force for emphasis. Or less breath/force. Experiment and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

I do like the idea of a turtle puppet. His slow speech would be natural for him and easier for you...good idea.

Hang in there - don't give up. Every vent went through similar experience. You only have to master the labials once - then they are at your command for the rest of your life.

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