Charlie's new mission

This unused Charlie was generously donated by a blog visitor to the Family Circus ministry of Darrell and Sandy Blatchley. The Blatchleys work in the Philippines, mistering each week to many thousands of pverty stricken street kids and theri family members in the Philippines. They also train workers in various visual arts including ventriloquism, and are always in need of figures for their staff. So this fellow will be welcomed enthusiastically and put to good use.
On his way to the Islands, Charlie traveled through Colorado where I was able to refurbish him inside and out, and even provide him with a new set of clothes. (Top photo.)

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  1. It looks like Charlie will fly out to Hawaii on his way out to the Philippines. Then travel with a couple who will escort him safely to us.
    Thanks so much for sending him our way. It will be fun to introduce him to thousands of kids...
    Uncle Darrell - Family Circus Director