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Here's another out of print comedy dialogue book (#21) that was first published in 1974 by Maher Ventriloquist Studios. Multiple authors contributed to this book: Sports Minded by Dave Garrison; Karate by Robert Klase, Jr.; Argument by Tony Molesworth; Relatives by Pamelyn Whipple; Plain Horse Sense by Harry W. Anderson; The Shutter Salesman by Tommy Windsor; Double Vision by Lynn Chapman.

The used copy of this book being awarded today to Mike Horner was provided by Bob Abdou. But if 5 or more of you would like to purchase a new copy, I'm willing to pull the original master from my file and print new copies of NAAV General Dialogue Book #21 for $10 each, postpaid.

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  1. Hey Mike
    here is the birthday present I forgot to send you,