Nearly finished

Here I am, busy rescuing another dummy from the shelves of my storeroom where it has been waiting for nearly four decades! This head is one of Lovik's earliest Storyteller figures from 1974. It was never sold and I just kept it for the day when I could TOTALLY rebuild it...and I recently decided the day had come. I've replaced the headpost and controls, converted it to ball/socket neck, rebuilt the inner mechanics, resculpted the face in the area of cheeks and eyes, added raising and lowering eyebrows, and I'm in the process of giving him a new fresh coat of paint, including the painted eyes. He has the living mouth - with a frowning lip line, one of only a couple Craig did with this frowning look. His new body torso awaits.
I haven't decided on a wig style/color yet. I'm thinking gray hair - if you have suggestions, I'll listen. The finished figure will be for sale - hopefully within just a few days.


  1. Anonymous11/30/2010

    I actually think he would look cool bald.

  2. Looking in his (wild) eye's, I also can immaging him with sticking out red hair...
    He will be a character.
    You are doing a lot of finishing work en tidy up, clearing away...
    Hopefully not the website....

  3. I agree and I'm considering that option...knowing it would take a couple hours to make the head smooth - and then repainted again... hmmm

  4. I think his hair should be Red also or Bald. Bill

  5. I'm thinking I may have to try a couple different hair styles, post photos, and let you friends decide...

  6. I'm not wearing my toupee anymore, if you need an extra rug, let me know, it's black and curly.

  7. Looking good. WOuld love to see the difference hair can make. I mean on the figure of course since mine is retiring and going south. At least my barbers work is getting easier. Heh.

  8. Anonymous11/30/2010

    Maybe he could be a cranky / unhappy kid instead of a man?? with whatever hair color u think works (I like red to).

  9. The Idea to use Bob's tupay is a good one,... For me, you should see how my hair is receiding, The kid idea is a good one, so is putting differant hair on him, then have your friends vote, Another Idea, is Length, could he be a Unhappy Girl, with Long Curly Blond, Red or Black Hair? Bill

  10. Anonymous12/02/2010

    I'm seeing him as a crabby kid. Or kind of a mean one. Wild hair maybe blond. With a cowlick or something. Or with a backward ball cap and the blond hair sticking out the front.
    Mischievous, mean little kid. (kind of like Red Skeleton's character. Not a bad kid just ornery)

    john in sidney