40 years between puppets!

There's a 40 years age span between the Ventrilo-ett in my right hand and the Ventrilo-ett in my left hand! (This is not to imply that I, between the two puppets, am age 40 - I should be so lucky!) The Ventrilo-ett wearing the red jacket was made in 1970 and is the only Ventrilo-ett I have in my possession still remaining from that era. It was used several years as a display model, then wrapped and packed in storage until today. Mint condition; works perfectly. So while the vintage puppet could certainly be used for performance, it may have more value as a historical display model. In any case, both of the above puppets can be found for sale on eBay auction now.

For Vintage 1970 Ventrilo-ett Click Here

For the 2010 Ventrilo-ett (black jacket) Click Here

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