The Forgotten Friend

By Craig Schneider

He sits in the corner, and stares into space.
Unable to move; an unchangeable face.
He talks in whispers that none can hear
He cries of loneliness, without shedding a tear.
I remember you; do you remember me?
Times we shared, friends and family.
Remember Passover, that show was the best?
Didn't think you did, and who's that getting dressed?
Is that your new partner; is this my final end?
Is your heart so empty, as to forget an old friend?
That's not a new friend, that's really just you.
The nose, the eyes, and the hair have all changed,
But listen to the voice; it still sounds the same.
He doesn't believe me, there's a tear in your eye.
True friendships never end, old loves never die.
Don't sit in that corner; don't waste in that space.
You're not forgotten my friend, you're as fine as lace!


  1. Anonymous11/13/2010

    Craig has a handle on the realities of life, deep enough to reach beyond a wooden puupet, and into the needs of people. Thanks for reminding me/us that we can begin again with the memories/friends of yesterday to living in the present and preparing ourselves for tomorrow. Blessings, Wes

  2. Winjkle and Wags11/13/2010

    My immediate first thought was that this was a resurrected editorial cartoon about the death of Edgar Bergen. That figure sure reminds me of Charlie.

  3. Anonymous11/14/2010

    I read this poem and hope both Craig and Clinton will not mind. I HAD to print it out to frame and hang it on my wall as such a reminder of my life and what each friend wooden OR flesh means to me. May all of us understand as Wes said "..into the needs of people."
    Ron Scherer