Under the chin improvement

Many of the Lovik basswood figures were constructed in such a way that a large gap was exposed under the chin when the mouth/jaw was opened. I've improved a number of these by removing the mouth and cutting a piece from the jaw and repositioning that piece to the neck. Hopefully these photos will provide a visual description of how this is done. This operation does not improve the mouth action at all - but it does greatly improve the appearance of the figure when it "speaks".

This modification does require a repainting of the head after the work has been completed.

Completed and repainted figure:


  1. P Grecian10/23/2010

    Now, THAT is fascinating. I love it when you show us these things.

  2. Anonymous10/23/2010

    The figure looks great now. I think Chuck Jackson in his early figures did the mouth the same as Lovik. I always liked the faces but not the mouth opening. This has taken care of that. Do you have any pictures of the conversion from the floating neck/head to the ball and socket style? Please let us see those too. Thanks, Ron Scherer

  3. It's rare that I do the neck conversion such as you describe, Ron. I usually refer them to my son, Kevin. But if I do such a job, I'll take photos.