The Secret of Ventriloquism

"Try the experiment of having yourself blindfolded in the center of a room surrounded by a few friends. Have them make sounds or talk in imitation of a far-off sounding manner, You'll be surprised to find how difficult it is to determine the exact location from which the sound originates, without visual aid.

"In effect, the ventriloquist is doing the same thing. He is imitating another voice, concealing its real source by not moving his own lips, and then by giving his 'dummy' lip motion and movement, he misdirects you into believing the voice is actually coming from the 'dummy'".

* * * * *
The above is from the book, Secrets of Ventriloquism, "Calostro" author, copyright 1949. Thanks to George Boosey, I have reprint copy (by D. Robbins & Co.) of this vintage collectible 24 page book to give away in today's drawing. And the winner is: Daniel Carpenter.


  1. Anonymous10/22/2010

    what's the point of even going on your website, when you NEVER win anything. I have known you for a long time, and I have not won ANYTHING.

  2. Do you have one of my coins? If so, you did win something. If not, it's not for lack of my trying - twice I've offered the collector coins to readers to claim. And hopefully you will come to this site for reasons other than to win a prize...

  3. Anonymous10/23/2010

    I know, clinton i come EVERY day, because i read ALL of your blogs, you know, it would be nice to win something, especially when you don't have anything.

    By the way, don't get mad but this is sam

  4. Anonymous10/23/2010

    Hi Clinton, have you thought of national costumes for your ventriloetts (spanish etc) or even animals? (lion / tiger?). Just a thought..
    You have some great ideas.......
    Regards Geoffrey (Australia).

  5. I'm working on a pig. National costumes - I like it. Thanks for the suggestion! All I need i more TIME!