Santa's Helper

This Elf Ventrilo-ett came into being as a result of a reader request. I had fun making him and am pleased with the results. I will make a limited number (due to my limited time with the holidays approaching). 16" tall. $49.95. If you would like to own one, please reserve it now; pay later when shipped. mahertalk@aol.com


  1. Anonymous10/27/2010

    Why did you use my photo as the model for this one? I'd recognize those ears anywhere. This one tempts me. Let's see if Santa places an order for him in my stocking. Even if I have not been good all year. Wes

  2. Anonymous10/27/2010

    I'd recommend loweing the price on these

  3. I would if I could - just too much hand work to sell them for less. Each Ventriloett has between 50 and 75 individual pieces (about half of which are totally hidden from view), and most of them have to be hand cut and assembled. $49.95 postapid is actually a bargain from my perspective.

  4. You would have to be crazy to lower the price, with the amount of hand crafted work that goes into something like this. Each one being made one at a time, plus you pay postage. I don't know how you can offer them for $49.95. It must be a labor of love, because you are certainly not making a profit on these. You are too generous.

  5. Only another puppet maker truly understands - thanks, Bob.

  6. Arggghhhhh .... more ventrilo-ett !
    Santa and this Elf ... this is so tempting :(

  7. Anonymous10/27/2010

    perhaps you are right. how long DOES it take to make a ventriloette?

  8. How long? I really don't know. I'm always working on several in various stages of completion and get so lost in the project - trying to keep track of time would be futile. All figuremaking is the same way for me.

  9. To Anonymous,

    I've never known Clinton to overcharge for anything...the simplicity of the Ventrilo-ette masks the true work involved.

    His repairs to existing figures is also a bargain. When I tell someone what I paid for his most recent repair job for me, people look at me like I ripped Clinton off. When I work with "Oliver" now, I think maybe I did.

    By The Way, Clinton, that's not a suggestion to raise your prices. :)


  10. Thanks, Dave, for your humbling comments. Adelia would agree with you - she's suggested for 40 years I'm "too cheap" (at least I hope she's referring to my prices). Seriously, high prices do not make the jobs done any better (as some imply), and for me, it's never been all about the money...nor do I work for free. But I do try to be fair.

  11. Anonymous10/28/2010

    I made one of these from a kit you used to sell years ago, that had the styrafoam head {in 2 halves}, the control stick, the "lower jaw" board, & instructions for building it & suggestions for fabric etc. for the hair, head, body, arms, hands, legs, & feet. Believe ME!! I'd MUCH rather pay the measly sum of 49.95 than go thru THAT again!! & being that the heads on your current ones are of WOOD, that will make them last even LONGER!! I whole HEARTEDLY agree. You should NOT lower your price! & i am not even a "fellow figure maker". :)) Bill Smith

  12. Anonymous10/29/2010

    prices look rit to me......wat I mean is they r not overpriced!!
    maybe u could over the wooden pieces as kit & the buyer ads the rust??

  13. Because of the misspellings I'm reluctant to publish the previous comment not knowing if it is a serious post or a joke. Please sign your name to comments.

  14. Anonymous10/29/2010

    Comments not a joke.
    Just being silly when I wrote.
    Were not trying to offend.
    Still serious question specially for post dated 10/27/2101.
    Can you offer kit not with face and clothing??
    Your puppets not overpriced.
    Too shy to sign name now.
    Very sorry Clinton.

  15. Usually I can sense the motive of a comment, but you got me on that one. :) A kit has been suggested before. I won't rule it out, but for now I'm more likely to put a step-by-step "makings of a Ventrilo-ett" photo sidebar on the Ventrilo-ett page. After the first of the year - at the moment I'm fully involved with orders for vent figures and figure repairs.