Mr. & Mrs. November

S-8 (16" tall) $49.95; S-9 (14" tall) $44.95

Four weeks from today is Thanksgiving holiday (for US citizens - our neighbors to the North celebrated their Thanksgiving a few days ago.) With the festive celebrations in mind, I created this Ventrilo-ett pair. Some would call them Pilgrims; others Puritans. I just think of them as my seasonal puppets for the month. As with all my Ventrilo-etts, they are signed, dated, and numbered.

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  1. Anonymous10/28/2010

    The Pilgrim Clinton makely Purely terrific Ventriloetts! Your great looking "friends" just grow and grow......
    Geoffrey (Australia)

  2. Anonymous10/29/2010

    If you crossed your santa's beard with the top hat of the puritan man, dark hair and a suit you could have Abraham Lincoln.
    All your ventriloetts are so very, very tempting.....is the Robot still on the way?

  3. Yes, I still plan a robot. I'll make a note on Abe Lincoln, too. Thanks fof the suggestion.